Young children learn from choices that adults make. Find out what Linda Carson had to say at the FOCUS Childhood Development Confernce. This nationally known speaker was sponsered by the Kankakee Pioneering Healthier Communites organization  - Check our vimeo channel for a video of the entire presentation at What can we do to prevent the children we serve from becoming victims of sedentary lifestyles? What can we do now to promote healthy preferences early in life so this generation of children will not need expensive medical interventions in middle school or middle age? Experience the strategies, messages, and lively music that will energize and motivate you to re-visit what your program can do to promote active learning, healthy habits, and movement competence. See examples of how intentional planning and facilitation of movement experiences during the normal routines of your day can complement other domains of learning. Become acquainted with current guidelines for preschool physical activity and best practice for movement instruction that can be applied to early childhood programs with limited budgets and limited space. Return home as a health hero for young children.